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  • Installation, Configuration & Customization of Sunbird Building Blocks: Tekdi Technologies can help in the installing, configuration and customization of various Sunbird Building Blocks. Tekdi has extensive experience with large scale & diverse implementations like DIKSHA, NULP, NSDL. Be it completely owning end to end responsibilities or augmenting your engineering team with Sunbird Expertise, the Tekdi team can help you make your project successful.
  • Sunbird Software as a Service SaaS for Quick Adoption: To empower nonprofits, civil society organizations and governments with Sunbird solutions, Tekdi Technologies is making Sunbird solutions available on a cloud hosted model. This in turn enables faster turnaround and affordable pricing models so that you pay as your scale. Currently, they are serving nonprofits with diverse use cases related to Capacity Building, Early Childhood Education, Train the Trainer etc.
  • Sunbird “Platform as a Service” for Innovative Adoption: In this offering, Tekdi uses Sunbird building blocks either in a hosted or SAAS mode with a scalable & flexible backend to create extremely curated & customized experiences for specific applications. This gives you the benefit of using scale tested backends while retaining the flexibility & specificity of your specific solution to cater to your target audience. One of the success stories for this kind of an application is ALT, an open source NDEAR compliant app 'Built for Transform Schools' using Diksha & Sunbird SAAS as a backend.
  • Tech Consulting for Designing Population Scale Solutions and Digital Public Goods (DPGs): Tekdi helps potential Sunbird adopters with tech consulting so that the Sunbird building blocks that they adopt suit their needs, are scalable, compliant and adhere to the principles and philosophies of NDEAR, Digital Public Goods while also integrating cutting edge AI solutions like the AI4Bharat & Bhashini APIs.

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Name: Subhransu Padhi

Title: Digital Transformation Consultant

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Got a question about our Sunbird building blocks? Ask me anything on Educator (ED), Co-creator (coKreat), Librarian (Knowlg), Examiner (inQuiry), Learner (Lern) & Observer (Obsrv)