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EY applies its expertise and experience in digital transformation to help organisations, both public and private, in creating a more inclusive, accessible and equitable education system. Sunbird and its successful implementations are some key examples in this direction, and EY is proud to be part of the Sunbird Community.

EY has dedicated teams around the world to help organizations achieve their digital and innovation ambitions – from small projects to large scale digital transformation. Our teams can:

  • Apply digital technologies (like Sunbird building blocks, RPA, AI and Analytics, …) to make public services effective and personal for the people that use them
  • Help governments understand the digital needs of citizens and develop citizen-centric, digital and inclusive strategies
  • Assist in architecting the technology for digital transformation and managing development environments
  • Use big data and analytics to uncover client needs and manage risks within the organization
  • Help redesign the organization (structure, roles, skills, culture, processes and more) to make it fit for the digital age
  • Develop tools and solutions to help organizations increase the return on investment of their spending

Some of the EY supported initiatives enabled by Sunbird building blocks include:

  1. PM eVidya DIKSHA: World’s largest EdTech Platform
  2. Integrated Government Online Training (‘iGOT') Karmayogi Bharat: National Program for Civil Services Capacity Building
  3. National Urban Learning Platform (‘NULP’)
  4. Co-WIN, A scalable, Inclusive and Open Platform for Universal Vaccination
  5. cQube powered Vidya Samiksha Kendra.

Contact Person

Name: Salil Mehta

Title: Partner, Consulting, EY

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Got a question about our Sunbird building blocks? Ask me anything on Educator (ED), Co-creator (coKreat), Librarian (Knowlg), Examiner (inQuiry), Learner (Lern) & Observer (Obsrv)