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  • Implementation of Online Registry for verifiable credentials, using Sunbird RC building use case related workflows.
  • Enabling organizations to join the open networks of Education (ONEST) and Commerce built on Beckn protocols through our technology.
  • Solutioning, engineering, implementation, deployment and scale-up of programs using Sunbird Building blocks in public/private cloud and Govt infrastructure.
  • Design & development of scalable solutions and Digital Public Goods (DPGs)
  • Customizations and implementations of DIVOC (built on Sunbird RC) for issuing verifiable credentials. Helped in the implementation for COVID vaccinations in four countries: Indonesia, Philipines, Sri Lanka and Jamaica.

Contact Person

Name: Sai Rahul

Title: Social Impact Lead

Email ID.

Got a question about our Sunbird building blocks? Ask me anything on Educator (ED), Co-creator (coKreat), Librarian (Knowlg), Examiner (inQuiry), Learner (Lern) & Observer (Obsrv)