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Sunbird Product Council (SPC) The Sunbird Product Council will have representatives from contributing organisations as well as from outside who can guide product roadmap and help figure out what problems to be solved in the context of learning services. The objective of the Product council is to ensure that the contributors are working effectively to enhance learning services capabilities in Sunbird in a coherent manner and help derive maximum value across adoption use cases for each contribution. To deliver the objective, Sunbird Product Council will focus on following: Align on a common sunbird roadmap with each contributing organisation focusing on delivering a part of it Align on product design principles for the contributors to follow ensuring that capabilities enabled in sunbird can be leveraged across multiple use cases across domains Align on processes and guidelines to be adopted by contributors to co-build and co-maintain sunbird Meet regularly to check progress towards delivering the roadmap and address any issues and concerns faced Current Members The product council consist of following members: Alok Gupta, Chief of Product and Solutions, EkStep Foundation Khushboo Awasthi, Co-Founder & Chief Operation Officer, ShikshaLokam Rahul Kulkarni, Co-founder, DoNew Jinesh Sumedhan, Senior Vice President, Tarento Group Sunbird Design Council (SDC) The Sunbird Design Council is a forum of architects and senior technology evangelists committed to advance Sunbird. This forum ensures that Sunbird technical architecture and design is generalised and is setting the right foundation for meeting sunbird objectives. The Design Council will primarily focus on following aspects: Define Technical Architecture, Design and development guidelines and principles for the development teams of contributing organisations to follow Provide architectural and technical design guidance to development leads based on the product roadmap, needs and features Work with Product Council to refine product roadmap based on architectural and design input Current Members The design council consist of following members:: Dr Pramod Varma, Chief Technical Officer, EkStep Foundation Rayulu Villa, Director, Sanketika Consulting Santhosh Vasabhaktula, Director, Sanketika Consulting Mathew Pallan, Director Technology, Tarento Group Bachi Allamsetty, Chief Technical Officer, ShikshaLokam Rangabashyam P K, Senior Technical Architect, Tarento Group Madhuchandra R, Head of Engineering & Implementation, EkStep Foundation Both the councils may invite other experts from the community to discuss and seek guidance on specific issues and ideas, helping the Sunbird contributors to accelerate and meet learning services needs across domains. Both councils may induct additional members as required over a period of time and define the day to day processes/tools for effective coordination.
Got a question about our Sunbird building blocks? Ask me anything on Educator (ED), Co-creator (coKreat), Librarian (Knowlg), Examiner (inQuiry), Learner (Lern) & Observer (Obsrv)