Single Data Source of Truth


OpenSABER is an open source software project that aims to help organisations rapidly build and deploy secure electronic registries. The idea of a Registry is aimed at allowing use of a ‘single source of truth’ for data - it enables controlled access to data, allowing isolated islands of data to ‘open up’ in a reliable fashion, and enable trustworthy transactions. A few key capabilities that OpenSABER enables include:

  • Flexible schema definitions that enable dynamic form generation and field changes that propagate systemwide with minimal changes to code
  • Support for multiple data types and field validations.
  • Open APIs for data access and publishing
  • Security - Ability to encrypt / mask chosen fields, at the attribute level, based on configurations
  • Support for interlinking of multiple Registries via APIs

Current Team Members

Rayulu Villa

Sanketika Consulting

Mathew Pallan


Rahul Warrier

EkStep Foundation

Satish Nirmalkar



Feroz Sheikh


Rajesh Rathnam


Shashank Teotia

Sahaj Software

Anand Parthasarathy

Sanketika Consulting