Sunbird Projects

Sunbird for Education (Sunbird-ED)img

Sunbird for Education (Sunbird-ED)

Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone Learning

Sunbird-ED helps enable multi-modal access to learning opportunities across a variety of devices. It is an out of the box reference solution that offers a portal, mobile app, and desktop app with reference UX and workflows.

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Sunbird Registries and Credentialsimg

Sunbird Registries and Credentials

Electronic Registries and Credentials

Sunbird-RC contains a set of frameworks to enable you to rapidly build next generation electronic registries and verifiable credentials including attestation and verification flows. This is an independently usable open source framework. 

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Speech recognition in Indic languages

Vakyansh is an open source project under the Sunbird umbrella. It is a framework to democratise speech recognition in Indic languages. It has been open sourced by EkStep Foundation and developed with contributions from a team from Thoughtworks. It is modular, well-documented and easy to use.

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Project inQuiryimg

Project inQuiry

Question Bank Digital Infrastructure 
(Practice worksheets, Quiz, Survey, Assessments)

The vision for Project inQuiry is to provide Question Bank Digital Infrastructure enabling Sensing in various learning and administrative interactions for education & capability building. It strives to enable a variety of use-cases such as PracticeQuizSurveyAssessment. 

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User and Organisation Registryimg

User and Organisation Registry

Complete Toolkit for User and Organisation management

Sunbird employs Keycloak as its default authentication module. User account creation and authentication is handled by this module, while the Sunbird user profile is maintained on the platform itself. Sunbird also provisions for creation of ‘Organisations’ - that enable logical grouping together of users.

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Analytics Platformimg

Analytics Platform

Measure and Track on Sunbird

The Sunbird Analytics platform brings together several components that come together to enable the ability to measure and track various actions and activities on Sunbird. The Analytics platform is built keeping extensibility in mind, so that adopters have the flexibility to adapt the telemetry and tools to their specific use-cases.

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Digital Credentials at Scale

The Sunbird Credentials system is architected for configuration and deployment of digital credentials at scale.The Sunbird approach proposes an electronic, machine readable specification to represent various credentials/certificates in ecosystems such as academia, skilling etc.

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Learning Management Systemimg

Learning Management System

Core Services to Manage Learning Journeys

Sunbird LMS consists of the core services to manage any user’s learning journey. 

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Discussion Forumsimg

Discussion Forums

Toolkit to Enable Contextual or Generic Discussions

Discussion forums is an open source project aimed at providing a forum for users of the Sunbird platform to discuss on range of topics. The interaction between the users can be context based or generic.

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Sourcing Platformimg

Sourcing Platform

Reusable Tools and Services to Source Digital Learning Assets

The Sunbird Sourcing Platform consists of a set of reusable tools and services to source various types of digital learning assets. The process of sourcing assets includes seeking assets, contributing assets, reviewing and publishing assets for consumption.

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Toolkit for Virtual Classes and Study Circles

Groups is an open source software project that aims to help organisations and users on the platform to enable both synchronous and asynchronous learning and instruction modes via virtual classes and study circles.
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