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An open source software that will help organisations build electronic registries. The project embodies principles of extensibility at its core, and enables adopters to rapidly deploy secure electronic registries. For more, please visit sunbirdrc.dev

What is a registry?

Registries are shared digital infrastructure onto which authorised issuing agencies publish digitally signed data about users, entities, or other assets/resources allowing consented and controlled access to other authorised service providers for digital verification and usage.

An electronic registry is to data, what the stern bank official from yesteryears was to the bank. A gatekeeper who is a worthy custodian for protection of valuables or documents, one who would provide controlled access to an account based on your profile. 

A registry allows for authorised data repositories to publish data about actors in a digitally signed form via secure API, for service providers and other partners to consume in a trustworthy fashion. It can thus empower isolated data islands to 'free' their data to enable trusted transactions.