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DIKSHA (Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing)

India’s national school education platform, DIKSHA (Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing), is an initiative of National Council for Education Research and Training (NCERT), Ministry of Education. DIKSHA is a digital infrastructure available to all states and Union Territories. Each of the 36 States and Union Territories in India have their own virtual space on DIKSHA as tenants, with the autonomy to use and implement solutions relevant to them. DIKSHA has has eight solution verticals that address school education in India including teacher professional development, access to teaching and learning content, school leadership among others.

The Ministry of Education has a program called VidyaDaan for content sourcing and contribution from the wider education ecosytem which leverages the DIKSHA infrastructure. The program invites organisations and individuals across the country to contribute relevant digital content in the K-12 domain. This is to ensure quality learning resources are available to students and teachers across the country. 

As part of the World Bank’s India Africa Knowledge Exchange Series, the Ministry of Education was invited to make a presentation on DIKSHA.

Sunbird ED building block powers DIKSHA. To learn more about building blocks click here.

Shiksha Lokam

ShikshaLokam is an Education Leadership Platform under the aegis of Shibulal Family Philanthropic Initiative. It is a manifestation of Societal Platform thinking, a systematic method to resolve complex societal challenges with speed, at scale, sustainably. As a platform for education leadership, ShikshaLokam offers open-source technology capabilities and resources to a variety of ecosystem players, including Individuals, NGOs, and Government. ShikshaLokam aims to do so in ways that support education leadership development at a large scale with high impact. 
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Infosys WingSpan

Infosys Lex is a platform developed by Infosys limited. It is a next generation learning solution to help organisations accelerate their talent transformation journey. It is a cloud-first and mobile-first solution that is designed to be accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device. Learners can interact with the voice-enabled ‘learning assistant’ for learning guidance. With an ever evolving range of curated content, it facilitates learning based on interest, skill set and function/role. Learning modules are a combination of instructor-led, assisted learning and self-learning sessions. It aids talent in navigating their next by creating an environment for continuous learning to acquire the right and relevant skills.
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Julia Academy

Julia Academy uses Sunbird to build their learning platform for courses on Julia, a high performance computing language. The platform has been prepared by core Julia developers in collaboration with Julia Computing and is free to use. It hosts courses on Introduction to Julia, Foundations of Machine Learning and Advanced Parallel Computing.