Sunbird Usecases

DIKSHA - Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing

India’s national teacher platform is an initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. It offers teaching and learning materials relevant to school curriculum for teachers and students 

Shiksha Lokam

Shiksha Lokam is an initiative of the Advaith Foundation. The platform enables and amplifies leadership development opportunities for individuals and institutions engaged in K-12 education systems

Infosys WingSpan

Infosys WingSpan is a platform developed by Infosys limited, it is a next generation learning solution to help organisations accelerate their talent transformation journey. The platform provides best-in-class curated content from multiple sources that learners can access to enrich their knowledge

Julia Academy

Julia Academy uses Sunbird to provides a learning environment for developers to learn and practice skills in JuliaLang, Machine learning and AI