While traditional CDNs allow pure content caching at the edge of the Internet, in countries like India, data costs are high thus creating friction to access high quality educational and other free resources available on the Internet. OpenRAP is an open source initiative to enable communities/stakeholders to easily build and deploy WiFI enabled resource access points within their community.

An open source software that will help organisations build electronic registries. The project embodies principles of extensibility at its core, and enables adopters to rapidly deploy secure electronic registries. For more, please visit opensaber.io 

DIAL is an open source framework for codifying (providing IDs) and linking physical learning resources such as textbooks with online resources in a dynamic and extensible manner using QR codes, augmented reality, voice navigation among others. 

An open infrastructure for organising knowledge across various learning content and frameworks to solve easy discoverability of relevant content.

Data is an important part of the Sunbird platform.