Sunbird has received some valuable contributions from community members like - Avanti Fellows, Samagra Governance and ShikshaLokam. These contributions are deployed on Sunbird and are available for anyone to use. 

Avanti Fellows 

Avanti has pioneered programs to create equal opportunities for low-income students to pursue careers in STEM. Through these interventions, they’ve ensured that many students have enrolled in prestigious institutions across the country, bridging the gap by taking a step forward in their goal of removing inequality and disparity in education.

Avanti's contribution to Sunbird has been interactive videos as an asset type for the purpose of increasing learning engagement. The tool takes advantage of WhatsApp groups and SMS. Teachers are able to send these interactive lessons to children through a simple link. When the child clicks on the link they're able to get a Google form layered on top of the video. You can take specific timestamps in the video and layer questions on top of them, so when the child is consuming this after every 15 or 20 seconds they actually interact with the content in a more meaningful manner. For example, if they've watched something about number systems, they can do a quick quick assessment, right after it. Why this is really powerful is that it quickly transforms a passive way of learning - watching a video into something that's active learning. 


“The power of contribution Sunbird was that we didn't have to build all of those capabilities from scratch, so we already could take advantage of the fact that Sunbird had a mechanism to store video content, serve it to children online and offline, an existing question bank and an ability to create quizzes.”


"[Contributing to sunbird meant] taking the video module and quiz module module and layering them on top of each other and turning it into a new learning item which you're calling the interactive video."


For the complete presentation made by Avanti Fellows, take a look at the video below :


Samagra Governance

Samagra is a mission-driven governance consulting firm. They firmly believe in governance being the primary lever of change to create large scale impact in the country. They work with the senior political and bureaucratic leadership of states to solve governance problems at scale. 

The first contribution is to an existing Sunbird component - a question bank titled Prashnavali. This feature enables end to end digitisation of question paper and the worksheet creation process - crowd sourcing of questions from teachers, curation and review, and dissemination. The paper can be rendered through printable PDFs OR direct integration with existing state apps. 

The second contribution is a new component to Sunbird - a UCI(Unified Communication Interface) which is a multi channel communication management engine. It is a system that powers governments to create and manage conversations with citizens and with its own officials. Through UCI governments can seamlessly setup simple and complex conversations using a multi-channel approach. UCI aims to democratize the use of different communication channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, email for governance use cases through a standard configurable manner that is reusable and scalable across all governance use cases.

The third contribution is API integration between Sunbird and other third party apps for content sharing and such. For example, Baking these Sunbird modules into DIKSHA workflows, Saral App - digitisation of student assessments through AI/ML or CQube - creation of data dashboards or OpenSABER (Sunbird-RC) - creation of registries with privacy and consent 


"With Prashnavali, student learning can be tracked at a competency, skill or chapter level, which can be the basis of remedial learning."


"With UCI, anyone in two simple steps can create bots for any use case and configure user workflow " 


"Sunbird enables reusability of these contributions by players in other sectors and countries at scale. Truly open source, replicable, reusable and scalable"


For a demonstration of the above contributions, take a look at the presentation made by the Samagra team : 



ShikshaLokam is an Education Leadership Catalyst under the aegis of Shibulal Family Philanthropic Initiative. It is a manifestation of Societal Platform thinking, a systemic method to resolve complex societal challenges with speed, at scale, sustainably. As a catalyst for education leadership, ShikshaLokam co-creates different solutions with Government Functionaries, Civil Society Organizations and Academic Bodies to address the Education Leadership challenges. Keeping the Societal Platform construct, ShikshaLokam works towards distributing the ability to solve the gaps that exist in education leadership development space and improving the agency of actors in the ecosystem to drive large scale educational change programs.

ShikshaLokam is contributing capabilities for school leadership development in the education system, these include surveys, observations, projects, and related dashboards. Surveys allows the user to collect data with ease, create different types of questions, across multiple languages and customise them according to their needs. Observations can be collected in a rubric framework - standard or customised. Once the data is collected, it is collated into reports and dashboards that can be customised and shared. 


"This capability is for you if you want to teachers across to improve the usage of Teaching Learning Materials (TLM) in class OR you want students across to engage in activity based learning, even at home OR you want to create a detailed school health card over different parameters. " 


For the complete presentation made by ShikshaLokam (Kung-Fu Panda style), take a look at the video below : 


If you would like to explore these contributions, explore Sunbird-ED (Sunbird for Education)