ShikshaLokam is an Education Leadership Platform under the aegis of Shibulal Family Philanthropic Initiative. It is a manifestation of Societal Platform thinking, a systematic method to resolve complex societal challenges with speed, at scale, sustainably.

As a platform for education leadership, ShikshaLokam offers open-source technology capabilities and resources to a variety of ecosystem players, including Individuals, NGOs, and Government. ShikshaLokam aims to do so in ways that support education leadership development at a large scale with high impact. 

Samiksha is a module of ShikshaLokam that equips users to create their own framework to assess education institutions such as schools, anganwadi and individuals of the system including HMs, teachers and other officials. You can generate reports, analyse data and draw insights. 

Unnati enables users to undertake a set of action projects with a specific objective in a specified period of time. Education leaders can use Unnati to create projects, invite other people such as collaborators, assign timelines, execute and monitor progress. 

In a conversation with EkStep, Bachi Alamsetty who serves as the Chief Architect of ShikshaLokam, talks about his journey with Sunbird.


1:24 - Why Sunbird?

3:08 - What were the benefits of using Sunbird?

3:20 - What were the benefits of a microservice based architecture?

9:05 - What is a micro improvement project?

13:50 - Why is the approach infrastructure first?

20:28 - What modules of ShikshaLokam are available to use?

23:06 - Who can access ShikshaLokam?

23:50 - What were the challenges?

27:24 - What were the technical skills required to adopt Sunbird?

33:26 - What has been one key benefit of using Sunbird?

37:10 - What does the future look like?