The purpose of this note is to explain the concept of digital building blocks as public goods and how it applies to developmental challenges—poverty, inequality, health, education, public administration, and governance—that span entire populations. 


Sunbird has received some valuable contributions from community members like - Avanti Fellows, Samagra Governance and ShikshaLokam. These contributions are deployed on Sunbird and are available for anyone to use. 

graphics of Infosys LeX : On adopting Sunbird

Infosys LeX is a platform developed by Infosys limited. It is a next generation learning solution to help organisations accelerate their talent transformation journey. It is a cloud-first and mobile-first solution that is designed to be accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device. Learners can interact with the voice-enabled ‘learning assistant’ for learning guidance.


Sunbird community is thrilled to announce that Sunbird is now recognised as a Digital Public Good by the Digital Public Goods Alliance and is part of the DPG Registry


This piece will provide a brief account of some of these policies, consequences of non-compliance, and resources to help developers ensure they are on the right track.  


In this post, we will highlight the important agreements and guidelines and link a few resources we think could help you get started with your App Store journey.