Discover Sunbird

Webinar hosted by EkStep Foundation

This is an opportunity to interact with the lead contributors of Sunbird, 
to learn about this open source project, discuss architectural principles,
understand capabilities and uses. Together we will imagine possibilities for the future.
Event Date & Time
Tuesday 22 Dec, 2020
9 AM to 4:15 PM
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Interact with the Sunbird community in our discussion forums, and if you wish to get involved on a deeper level, reach out to us by filling this form.

Discover Sunbird - A Digital Platform for Learning

Sunbird is an open source, internet scale digital infrastructure  for learning designed to address the size and diversity of a country like India. It is developed  by EkStep Foundation to fulfill its education mission to enhance access to learning opportunities for millions of learners particularly in K12 space. Sunbird is a modular digital infrastructure that could serve the needs of under resourced environments and contexts. 


Sunbird is designed to support multiple languages and multiple teaching and learning solutions by providing the building blocks for the development of platforms and learning solutions to suit various use cases, contexts and needs. It is currently being used by multiple adopters including the Ministry of Education for DIKSHA - a National Digital Platform for school education, Shikshalokam for their school leadership platform and Infosys for their flagship training platform Wingspan. Sunbird was also leveraged to deliver COVID training by the Department of Personnel and Training.

Sunbird is open sourced under MIT license and offers a range of capabilities.