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Here are the the various topics covered in the seminar :

graphics of Learn Anywhere - Reference Consumer apps for the Education Domain

Interactive Videos : Avanti Fellows

Speaker Name
Akshay Saxena, Co-Founder, Avanti Fellows
In this episode on contributions made to Sunbird, Akshay Saxena, Co-Founder of Avanti Fellows shares the organisation's journey of contributing interactive videos as an asset type to increase learning engagement.

Question Banks, Customisable bots and API integration: Samagra Governance

Speaker Name
Aayush Kedia, Samagra Governance
In this episode on contributions made to Sunbird, Aayush Kedia, Program Coordinator, Samagra Governance shares the organisation's journey of contributing three key components for an integrated learning experience - ability to crowdsource a question bank, configurable bots for assessments & surveys, and integration of content & question sets with external applications.

Capabilities for School Leadership Development : ShikshaLokam

Speaker Name
Sakshi R
ShikshaKalp Fellow

Prateek Agarwal 
Associate, Products and Solutions
In this session, the ShikshaLokam team presents their contributions to Sunbird - capabilities for school leadership development in the education system, these include surveys, observations, projects, and related dashboards.

Fireside Chat with Avanti Fellows, Samagra Governance and ShikshaLokam

In the concluding session of the Sunbird contributions session moderated by Surendrasingh Sucharia (Product Manager, EkStep Foundation), the teams from the contributing organisations gather together to answer audience questions around possible use cases, areas of collaboration and leveraging each other's work.