Sunbird Contributors

To meet the complex and diverse needs of learning services, over a period of time multiple organizations have come together to contribute towards Sunbird infrastructure software and make it available as a digital public good. These like minded organizations with a common objective are collaborating together to co-build and co-maintain Sunbird infrastructure software in a unified, well architected, and production ready manner. 

Governance of all contributions follows transparent open source development practices and makes all the code, roadmap, discussions, and other documentation available to all. Sunbird is released under MIT license, while it does not explicitly require the adopters to contribute back, the adopters are encouraged to contribute the code including bugs and enhancements they would have built for their specific use cases.

Any organization, be it government, non-profit, or private, who have the commitment to contribute towards building public digital goods are welcome to express their interest by committing resources and funds. At this point in time, EkStep Foundation, being the incubator of this project, continues to be the anchor for all coordination and facilitation of contributor engagement.

In order to facilitate effective coordination and engagement among the contributors, two councils have been structured - Sunbird Product Council (SPC) and Sunbird Design Council (SDC). For more on the role of the councils, click here. 

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Sunbird Building Blocks


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Sunbird Community

The larger Sunbird community of contributors consists of organisations and developers building Sunbird supported by EkStep Foundation, Sunbird Contributors and other organisations using Sunbird to develop their own platforms or platforms for their diverse clients for a variety of use-cases. 

Interact with the Sunbird community through the discussion forum of various building blocks, and explore Sunbird's building blocks
Come join the community!

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